Mining Profit Calculator for Video Card GPU

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On the website, you can find early articles about cryptocurrency mining, blockchain in general and mining pool operation principles. The readers gave positive feedback on John’s practical guides, such as building an Ethereum mining rig and Nvidia 1080ti overclocking. We’ve created this crypto profit calculator to help you calculate your crypto profit and loss.


The risk reward ratio calculator is not to be used on its own. Always make sure to have a solid trading plan and a strategy that you know has the potential to win. Combine this with a good risk reward ratio and you will excel in your trading. Coin A would have a new price of $10 with Coin B’s market cap, 10 times higher than the price it had under a $50,000,000 market cap. Investors who bought Coin A at $1 would be looking at a 900% profit. This illustration demonstrates how essential it is to research market caps before investing in crypto.

How to use Cryptocurrency Market Cap Calculator? Market Capitalization or Cryptocurrency Market Cap is an indicator that measures and keeps track of the market value of a cryptocurrency. The market cap is an indicator of the dominance and popularity of cryptocurrencies. It is calculated by multiplying the current market price of a particular coin or token with the total number of coins in circulation. The table shows the most profitable mining software that can be used for cryptocurrency mining with video cards (GPU’s) and processors (CPU’s).

  • aims to make access to mining easier for miners, providing a friendly interface…
  • Once you have chosen the entry price, stop loss price, and take profit price you need to see your trade through until it is closed.
  • Our mission is to provide 100% clean and working pool, special instruments for NiceHash buyers and for usual miners.
  • There are so many different types of cryptocurrencies, each with its own price fluctuations.

There are so many different types of cryptocurrencies, each with its own price fluctuations. According to this calculation method, we made a 50% profit ($5,000). By subtracting the buy amount from the selling price, you will know for certain if you made a profit.

If you are interested in buying cryptocurrency, there are plenty of options. The most popular way to buy cryptocurrency is through an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini. These exchanges allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with USD or other fiat currencies. These platforms make it easy for users to buy crypto via bank accounts or credit cards. There are many different exchanges that will allow you to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat money.

Do your homework: Research coins before investing

In 2018, crypto market cap was $ 17.63B and reached $ 568.92B by the end of the year. Making purchases with crypto is one of the most important use cases for cryptocurrency. While many people are still unsure if they should invest in crypto, it is clear that there will be a huge demand for spending it. Keep in mind that a ratio of 2 lets you have a win ratio of 50% and still break even. If you have a ratio of 3 you can afford to lose 66% of the time and still break even.


Using this table you could find which mining software supports the desired mining algorithm. Usually each mining software mines to the developer’s wallet every hour for a short period of time. Miner details and download links are shown by clicking on the name of the miner.

The main page of the has a row called NH Rent Profit. Whenever you see something like Grin has on the screenshot above, go and rent power right away. As cryptocurrencies mature, more stores and businesses will accept crypto payments. In fact, the number of places where you can spend your cryptocurrency is increasing every day.

Here is what the How to Start Mining page of the Ethereum pool looks like. If you know the hash rates of your mining equipment, you can indicate them for each algorithm of your choice. The calculator will display the mining profitability of all the coins on the chosen algorithms based on the indicated hash rates. Calculation of mining profitability, the best coins, and the hash rate chart for a specific graphics card. The best strategy to make profit with crypto varies depending on each trader’s goals.

Enter an amount into our crypto profit calculator below to discover your profit or loss

This information can help you evaluate how effective solo mining may be for you. You should indicate the number of specific GPU models that you have. The calculator will select the most profitable cryptocurrencies for mining. In case one or more of your GPUs can’t mine some of the selected cryptocurrencies, you will see a relevant notification. If you want to make money, you need to be smart with how you trade.


Plus, after 203 days you will still own the same rig. It will become a bit older, but eight GPUs and motherboard with CPU would cost no less than $650. Fiat currency is the term used by economists and other financial experts to describe all government-issued currencies.

Calculation based on GPUs and their number

All you need to do is find a reputable, trustworthy exchange that handles both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. Anton is an expert leverage trader with decades of experience trading stocks and forex. Now leverage trading cryptocurrencies through futures and derivatives contracts.

Best Cryptocurrency Mining Software

Click or tap the cryptocurrency drop-down button to search for the currency that you want. Let’s calculate ETC mining for 0.5 TH/s using 2CryptoCalc. Let’s go there, enter , and scroll to the SOLO section.

When choosing the best miner you should consider first of all the performance of each miner for your hardware. Some miners work for both AMD and Nvidia GPU’s, while others support only one video card brand . On the same page you can see the payback period if a graphics card mines 24/7. Remember that the calculator doesn’t count electricity. GPU profitability chart lists all available graphics cards sorted in descending order by profitability, so the first one is the most profitable. This mode can help you choose the best AMD and Nvidia graphics cards not only in terms of profitability but also in terms of a price-quality ratio.

Finally, your profit or loss for your investment will be displayed in the screen. In the Selling Crypto Price’ field, enter the price of the cryptocurrency when you sold the crypto. In the ‘Initial Crypto Price’ field, enter the price of the cryptocurrency when you purchased the crypto. Imagine if your GPUs mine Zcoin, and Ethereum difficulty has gone down by 40% today, and you don’t have a clue.

It also has lower bandwidth – 192 GB/sec vs. 288 GB/sec. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Bitpanda Deposit & Withdrawal Calculator With the Bitpanda deposit / withdrawal calculator it is possible to find out which deposit or withdrawal method is the cheapest.

If luck is not on your side, you will remain without blocks and rewards for a few weeks. In this case you’d better mine in the pool or choose a simpler coin. Each algorithm has its own page that reflects its cryptocurrencies, their mining profitability, as well as a miner share for each cryptocurrency within the algorithm.

Take time to learn about the team, product, and community behind each project before deciding where to invest. Understand why price changes happen, then act accordingly. The answer to this question depends on what your goals are. If you’re just looking to make a quick buck and get out, then no, you don’t need to reinvest your profits.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be used as a medium of exchange or as a store of value. They use cryptography to secure and verify transactions and control the creation of new coins in circulation. The supply of fiat money is controlled by central banks or other monetary authorities in order to maintain its value and increase or decrease its circulation in the market. You can use Crypto Coverter Calculator tool to convert cryptocurrency to fiat or crypto to crypto. Typically, a win-loss ratio of more than 2 is always good since it lets you have a win rate of only 50% to break even.

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