How to Design a Website Prototype from a Wireframe

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No matter which phase you are in, Mockplus helps you go from sketches to clickable prototypes and even fully-fledged prototypes with drag-and-drop. A robust functionality is what makes Webflow such an esteemed prototyping tool. Its features are meant to create professional mockups without the need to use and coding methods. It is great for creating web animations, interactions, and highly responsive web designs. With the abundance of prototyping tools on the market, it can be pretty challenging to choose which one to use as part of your design process. High-fidelity prototypes are a great way to test your final product prior to entering the development phase.

Join over 2 million people prototyping with Marvel. Work without worry, present your prototypes without wifi, 3G or any other connectivity. Prototype for desktop, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Android devices. Watch how they navigate through your prototype with screen, audio and video recordings.

How to Create Website Prototype for Beginners

As your design nears its final stages, it is important to test high-fidelity prototypes with users prior to the development phase. Once a plan for the prototype is ready, the prototype is designed with special software. The prototyping software allows the designer to create and use templates, layer elements, and even use html code to build a final product that is highly functional. Medium-fidelity prototypes are the next level of prototyping. Often referred to as wireframes, medium-fidelity prototypes are digital and created in greyscale. They limit the design to user flows and information architecture while omitting branding elements, photos, and logos.

prototype of a website

Popup content will never conflict with or cover your web content anymore. Quickly diagram any type of user flows, flowcharts and other business processes with a full library of shapes, symbols and connectors. Quickly visualize your ideas with just drag-and-drops. Animate your static web prototype with a wide range of interactions, transitions and animations, and make it look and feel like the real product. There is no learning curve due to a user-friendly design. A graphic designer uses the prototype to create the final design.

Don’t worry, this tool has lots of different templates which will allow you to design your prototype efficiently and effectively. You can create wireframe and different website prototypes freely. A user journey is a path a user may take to reach their goal when using a particular website. User journeys are used in designing websites to identify the different ways to enable the user to achieve their goal as quickly and easily as possible. Run by Erin Loechner, a renowned designer you will learn valuable lessons about UX design and web prototype.

Import content from web

Focus groups are typically used to gauge opinion and gather information from users about products, services, and features before they have been developed. Wondershare Mockitt offers you an option to save a well-designed widget for future use. You can add the created widget to My Widget library. This can be done in two ways, either you can drag the widget to My Widget panel or right-click the widget to Add it. Get real-time feedback right on your prototype online. Make changes on the fly and get approval without delay.

  • Tree testing is a way of evaluating a proposed site structure by asking users to find items based on the sites organisation and terminology.
  • We provide a full range of tools, so that you can focus on creating delightful user experiences.
  • Fine-tune the text to match your designs with advanced typography controls.
  • With this tool on hand, you can easily create clickable web prototype online and collaborate with your team members.
  • Arrange blocks like LEGO bricks to build a structure and fill it with your content.
  • Quickly diagram any type of user flows, flowcharts and other business processes with a full library of shapes, symbols and connectors.
  • The design you use for the app will have various search categories with unique filters.

Personalize them with your own style and interactions. Allow all your stakeholders to test and review your prototype, leaving no room for misunderstandings. Improve communication between teams, putting them all on the same page. Choose from a ton of gestures that allow you to rotate, tap, swipe, scroll and pinch your way through your mobile app prototype.

Coded (HTML) prototyping

Your team is experienced, educated, and passionate about what they do – it’s okay to relax and let them do what they do best. In the early phases of your website project, the focus is on user experience, function, visitor flow, and your customer’s journey. Those items must be determined first, before graphic design.

Unlike the rest of the tools presented here, the tool goes beyond static design. UX and UI designers can prototype websites and apps that act like a final product with interactions, states, and variables. And with UXPin Merge technology, you can design with React components to achieve full consistency.

You must consider the specifics of both the product and the design team. Which platforms and methods are the designers and developers best at or most comfortable with? What are the specific goals, time frames, and limitations involved with the product you’re working with. Knowing where you’re going is the most important part – we’re just explaining the different routes to get there. Most professional web design teams are very enthusiastic about doing their best for their clients.

If you have been thinking about how to create a website prototype, then it’s easy with Wondershare Mockitt. Once you’ve prototyped multiple pages, you can move on to the full mockup design phase. This will involve figuring out color theory, typography, and images that work accordingly. We will take a look at this in the next article in this series next month. Too many times I’ve been asked to move certain parts of a website up and down the grouping. By grouping all your components into sections, you will make it much easier on yourself during the prototype phase of the design work.

What Is Kerning Typography? Design Definition

Those who wish to create a fully interactive website prototypes faster and easier, Mockplus is the ideal website prototype tool that you need. The tools come along with seven days of a free trial. You can translate any ideas and test, share, and create interactive prototypes. Typically services are designed from a technical and business perspective, with consideration for users added in later. Instead, User-centred design ensures the service focuses on what users need before balancing this with the technical and business requirements.

prototype of a website

Are you launching or planning a new digital product? Our expert team can help with user research, usability testing, and service design solutions. User requirements capture is a process used to understand what typical users will need from a service which is about to be designed. Users are observed using similar services and interviewed about the ways they go about planning and completing their goals. This information is used to identify a list of content, features and functionality the new service must have in order to satisfy the needs of its users.

Which tool helps you to create good animated prototypes?

Origami is very prominent among designers because it was initially created by Facebook. Although it can be a bit of a challenge because of the lack of collaboration features, Origami has powerful tools that freelancers and newbie designers can make use of. Prototypes that are built prototype of a website with Axure XP seem particularly real because they respond and act just like the product even without the actual codes. A private workspace can also be created where you can invite users to collaborate and gather comments. The tool that the designer selects requires accessibility.

Step 2: Change Size for Your Website Prototype Projects

Instead, create a prototype to highlight the key features you wish to test. You can note any incorrect clicks or taps on their journey to get there. Prior to diving into website prototyping, you must have identified your users, defined their problems, and ideated a proper solution to solve their pain points. Once you have these steps complete in your design process, you can begin prototyping. This enables the designer to test the core usability of the product prior to beautifying the product. Inaccurate feedback from users due to lack of realism in the experience.


These tools have an advantage in that they are built specifically for wireframing and prototyping. Once you learn the basic features, you may find it even faster to prototype with these versus traditional methods like paper prototyping. Coded prototypes can be built in a variety of ways, but HTML is perhaps the most popular.

Once you are done with the prototyping, and you wish to have a preview, you can simply click on the « Preview » option. To share it with other members, you can click on the « Share » option. If you wish, you may keep every project in the cloud and sync it anywhere and anytime.

Mockplus RP

The most obvious disadvantage is that it takes more time to plan the project before actual development can start. This can mean that some project managers and stakeholders get uncomfortable that the project will not meet deadlines. As mentioned before, the cost of having to make changes to a fully developed website can be much larger than the time needed for prototyping. Like anything in life, if you’ve never used it, you’ll need to learn it – so it will likely take you some time to become familiar with the tool you choose. However, many app designers work to make the learning curve as shallow as possible.

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